Beth has always used and loved natural and spiritual healing since a young wife. She has been married to Gordon for 35 years and has 5 children and 6 grandchildren. She has always used natural methods before other medical intervention, it’s as natural as breathing to her. As Director for Kawerau Healing Rooms for the last 9 years, she was trained in several modalities that have added to her kete 0f healing experience. Soul Healing, Sozo, Liebusting, releasing energetic soul ties, removing entities, clearing and more. Her passion to be trained in Aromatherapy, included sharing her knowledge by developing her own unique product range for her retail store customers and are now available online at She is currently almost finished her Aromatherapy Certification, studying between running two businesses. Her passion to see people walking in who they are designed to be has led her to complete her training and certification in 2019 as an EFTC Practioner. She now offers healing sessions for releasing trapped emotions, tapping and clearing energetic blockages.

To book find her book on tab on her Heaven’s Ascent fb page. 

Heaven’s Ascent Product Range


All Heaven’s Ascent Essential Oils and Herbal Infusions are 100% Therapeutic, Pure and Natural Oils. This means they are designed to equip the body to heal itself and bring general wellbeing. Therefore, they should be respected for their levels of pure concentration. As I also have a reasonable sized organically grown herb garden, I make my own herbal infusions that are used in my product range. Aroha is included in everything I make.

My passion is to journey aside clients on their journey into wellness. I have almost completed my Aromatherapy Certification; I am also qualified in EFTC. Learning about our energic makeup and how to work with it to clear blockages is proving extremely helpful. As I am passionate about the healing of the spirit and soul,


I have designed products, in the range, that help release trapped and stored emotion as well as shock and trauma from our cells. If these are not cleared, we can end up with areas of dis-ease and problems within our body. Clearing these are so important. These products have helped many people to freedom. Like my Facebook page Heaven’s Ascent for not only new products and information about aromatherapy but also my Intensives and Workshops. I am happy to help you select the right product for your individual needs or I can design one for you.